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Una storia d'amore nella Francia dell'800
23 maggio 2010
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Il porto di Calais / The port of Calais

In 1804 was discovered an attempt of coup d'etat against Napoleon, who then held the post of first consul. The responsibility of organizing the plot is attributed to Louis Anthony Henry of Bourbon, the last descendant of the family Condé and the Duke of Enghien, who lived in exile in Baden and who is done by the kidnap of the French secret service, to be judged in Paris by a military tribunal, chaired by General Pierre Augustin Hulin. The duke always declared to be innocent, but he will be condemned to the firing squad. The Port of Calais is a reconstruction of the episode, made from an unusual point of view, the view of Count Alain de Soissons, colonel of the French Navy and a cousin of the Duke of Enghien, who will not be directly involved in the process, but that you may have in this case a greater role than was hitherto thought.

The Joséphine's secret daughter

The Empress Josephine had, before her marriage with Napoleon, an intense love life told in an erotic novel, published anonymously in Paris, entitled " Zoloé et ses deux acolytes ou Quelques décades de la vie de trois jolies femmes" attributed to the Marquis de Sade, however, always he denied being the author. The protagonists of this book are Josephine Desirée, born in Paris in 1794, alleged daughter of Joséphine and the revolutionary general Lazare Hoche, the Count Armand de Polignac, the Marquis De Sade's Juliette (daughter of the Marquis De Sade and the actress Constance Marie Quesnet) and the Count Alain de Soissons, a colonel in the French Navy and husband of Juliette. The plan of Armand De Polignac, who decided to take revenge on Napoleon, who sentenced him to 2 years in prison and condemned his brother Jules to 9 years and of Juliette, instead, who wants to revenge on Joséphine, deemed responsible for the arrest of her father, will be hampered by deception and unexpected twists...




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